Dog-Friendly Coffee Shop Opens In NYC’s East Village

While bodega cats have become an NYC staple, cat cafes have become increasingly popular too.  It was only a matter of time before NYC’s first ‘dog-friendly‘ coffee shop, Boris & Horton opened.  The storefront opened its doors in the East Village on Friday and isn’t exactly selling themselves as the equivalent of a cat cafe, as no dogs will actually live on site.  However, furry kids are welcome to join their pet parents for a snack and to browse their swag.


Dog owners and enthusiasts are invited to check out their beverages and all-vegetarian menu (with vegan options!)  They even have snacks for pups too… but of course. How cute is this?

Oh, and it gets better:



Soon we’ll be able to hang out with cute puppies and enjoy a glass of wine.  This place sounds like heaven!  Will you be visiting Boris & Horton?  Hit me up on Instagram @wendywildradio and let me know.  Have a great weekend!



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